[V] PREMIERES: Morgan Evans – ‘Young Again’

Our fave day drinker, Morgan Evans, has shared the new video for his new single ‘Young Again’ exclusively with [V].

“‘Young Again’ is a special one because I feel like it’s definitely one of those songs that I just want to play over and over at the live show and I finish the show every night with it, but it’s also that feeling that I try to wake up every day and live in the moment and take the opportunity for the life that you have right in front of you. The line is ‘we will never be this young again’ and it’s so true. It’s as true when I wrote the song on a mandolin, and it’s as true when I sing it to a festival crowd in the UK, or a festival crowd in Oklahoma, or whether I’m just listening to it as I drive around and making sure the mixes are right. So hopefully you feel that as much as I did when I wrote it.

We’re giving you ‘Young Again’ from 8am Tuesday, both on air and online.

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