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UNCO[V]ERED artist Jakob is a songwriter and producer whose face may be familiar to some. The multi-faceted Sydney native has created his own highly charged alternative pop blend that draws from R&B and hip-hop and fuses it with genre bending production. Though Jakob may only be 18 years old, he already has a lifetime of experience…Read more

UNCO[V]ERED: Everyone You Know

UNCO[V]ERED artists EYK are like Everyone You Know – if everyone you know has a keen ear for the vital sounds of post-millennial Britain, from The Streets to Arctic Monkeys and all hip hop points in between… and is able to mash those influences together by producing tracks in a bedroom and a garage… then…Read more


[V]‘s latest UNCO[V]ERED features hail from mighty Perth, and share much more than their love of music. Tyler Fisher is trying to remember how old his brothers are. “Well, Joshua and Brandford were born a year apart on the same day… 23 and 24. Conrad, you’re 21, yeah? Yeah. He’s signing to me that he’s 21.”…Read more

UNCO[V]ERED: Jordie Ireland

Meet your latest UNCO[V]ERED star, Jordie Ireland, a 21 year old DJ based in Sydney.   Getting his inspiration from the likes of Zedd and Avicii, Jordie has started writing acoustic versions of his songs first, allowing the vocals to shine through and be the driving force throughout his music, then building up the dance elements. Growing up with…Read more

UNCO[V]ERED: The Teskey Brothers

We’re claiming our latest UNCO[V]ERED artists as our first ‘family band’, with The Teskey Brothers taking their name from the two brothers who formed the group (Josh and Sam Teskey), and including mates Brendan Love and Liam Gough. In short, we’re so caught up on this band… New single ‘So Caught Up’ is the centrepiece…Read more