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UNCO[V]ERED: Josef Salvat

London-based, Sydney native Josef Salvat single on selfless, consuming love ‘in the afternoon’ is our newest UNCO[V]ERED feature. It’s a sultry pop delight that emits Josef’s signature energy of electronic-pop music with a human pulse. “I’ve always, ever since I wrote my first song, wanted the widest number of people to hear this,” Josef says….Read more

UNCO[V]ERED: Sam Fischer

When UNCO[V]ERED star Sam Fischer started to lose all faith in ‘This City’ becoming the hit it was destined for, the rest of the world told him to never give up. With its delicate guitar plucking melody and Fischer’s incredible raw vocals, ‘This City’ has become a viral sensation on TikTok over the past few…Read more

UNCO[V]ERED: 070 Shake

UNCO[V]ERED artist 070 Shake has just dropped her highly anticipated debut album, and shares a label with some huge stars. There are big things on the horizon. The title of 070 Shake’s debut album is Modus Vivendi — a Latin phrase used to reference a way of life in which two opposing parties can coexist peacefully. Art…Read more

UNCO[V]ERED: Mia Rodriguez

The holidays have finished, we’re back at our desks, and we thought it might be all doom and gloom… but… then we found Mia Rodriguez, and we knew she was a perfect fit for the first UNCO[V]ERED feature of 2020. ‘Emotion’ is the debut track from Sydney based Mia Rodriguez. Released on new Australian independent…Read more

The songs that shaped 2019

What a year. We’ve seen the rise of TikTok, memes that seem to become more popular than the music, and songs that have broken records around the world. If this was 2019, what will 2020 bring? Lil Nas X – Old Town Road Lil Nas X gave us our first viral hit of the year. The…Read more