If you watched the first season of reality show The Four: Battle For Stardom, then you may be familiar with VINCINT. He was one of the final four, and may we just say… he miiiiight have been robbed. We’ve got his latest video for ‘Please Don’t Love Me’ hitting your screens all week for UNCO[V]ERED.

Hailing from Philadelphia, the fiery pop artist has powerhouse vocals and moves to match. Dare you to listen to ‘Please Don’t Fall In Love’ and not move.

VINCINT is a breath of fresh air in the pop world, taking inspiration from the greats:

I’m a big David Bowie fan. I’m a huge, huge Jessie J fan. You know, Robyn. I’m just a pop boy. I’ve been obsessed with pop music forever. My whole life, I wasn’t into rap or into the usual things that kids my age were more into, I was the kid dancing in the back of the class to Madonna,” he told Billboard.

Growing up singing in a boys choir, VINCINT has always led with strong vocals and hopes to change the vocals we’ve grown accustomed to in the current pop landscape, “I want to bring back real singing and heart and, like, movement and soul, as opposed to, like … hooky things. I want the voice to come back to pop music. And I mean, like, the cool beats are great and everything, but I want to bring back that Whitney shit, that Mariah Carey shit, where it’s like, ‘This is a tight-ass song, but also that bitch can sing.'” (Billboard)


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Life the last couple of months has been strange and beautiful. Filled with complex feelings, unexpected adventures, crazy emotions, amazing highs and serious lows some I never thought I’d feel definitely not all at once. Being confronted with the seemingly unbelievable job of mastering and learning from them in the process to become a better me than the day before. So many opportunities presented and then taken away all in one breath while simultaneously walking into things I never dreamt would be mine. Lessons I was forced to learn that I really didn’t want but forced me to adapt and see things not as dead ends but different roads. Confronting my own jealousy and insecurities and realizing we all shine differently but just as bright and we all have our time and celebrating each other in the process is the best part of it all. Understanding that just because the heart wants it doesn’t make it the right time and place. That all endings don’t mean death but a time to practice patience, forgiveness and acceptance in the knowledge that giving up control is when destiny takes it hold on your life. I had fears releasing this song just like every song I release… will you hear my heart? Will you accept my vulnerability? Will you judge my selfishness? Will you laugh at my need to be seen and heard? Are people even listening? Will they even care? You showed up and you answered. Thank you for putting my fears to rest. Thank you for loving this new song and me. Thank you for being on this never ending journey with me. Thank you. More in May. ❤️

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VINCINT told Paper that ‘Please Don’t Fall In Love’ was the “most selfish song” he’s ever written.

“‘Please Don’t Fall in Love’ is probably the most selfish song I’ve ever written. It almost felt like I had been trying to avoid writing this song in every session I went into. The song is about heartbreak and longing. […] I also had to admit [to myself] that I’m more needy than I thought. I always believed that I was the guy who was fine with not seeing [my partner] all the time, and in a way I am because I love my ME time. But when I’m [in love] with someone, I’ve learned I want to be a little less independent.

That “selfish” song has struck a chord with us, tearing at our heartstrings and making us want to dance at the same time. VINCINT, we’re so into you.

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12noon AEST, right after the Spotify Countdown. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.