UNCO[V]ERED: Triple One

Unapologetically vicious and volatile, there isn’t another hip-hop group like UNCO[V]ERED artists Triple One.

We’re hooked on their track ‘Showoff’, throwing us a few Post Malone vibes, and proving that Sydney’s Inner-West hip-hop scene is alive and well.

An Australian crew consisting of two rappers (Marty Large & Obi Ill Terrors), a singer (Lil Dijon) and a producer (Billy Gunns), Triple One blend brash raps with haunting, melodic hooks and greyscale production.

“Originally, Marty and Obi met at a party in highschool where they had a forced freestyle, it wasn’t serious back then. Marty only started rapping because people said he could, and he was like, “Fuck, I should probably learn how to rap then.”
Later on, Billy (who was best mates and went to school with Marty) bought an MPC 1000, inspired by 90s producers like Dilla and Jake One. On top of that, we bought some recording equipment and the first Triple One songs were getting finished. At the start, it was just funny as hell and we pumped out a full length tape called Press Start. We had songs that we look back on now and are shocked – some seriously ignorant shit, tongue-in-cheek bangs nonetheless.
After all this, when we were a bit more versed in software, recording and who we wanted to be as artists, Lil Dijon shot onto the scene. After a drunken night everyone clicked as mates, Lil Dijon has a weapon of a voice, and the rest is history,” they told Purple Sneakers, on their origins.


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With over 650,000 monthly Spotify listeners – including an impressive majority from the United States – Triple One have garnered a truly cult fanbase for an underground Australian act. Singles like ‘Doozy’ and ‘Overflow’ have garnered millions of streams, while 2016’s pensive The Libertine. EP added further depth to their diverse sound, including signature sleeper hit ‘Lakes.’ In 2018, the group followed it up with The Naughty Corner EP, spearheaded by sadistic lead single ‘Redline Reaper’ and the daintier ‘Tarlo.’ Switching between hard-headed trap music and melodic moments with rapid confidence, The Naughty Corner is even more evidence that Triple One are speeding down a lane of their own. As it stands, Triple One are a group bridging the gap between Australia’s gritty hip-hop underground and more mainstream avenues.

You can cop a load of Triple One this summer at Festival of the Sun and all dates of the Falls Festival.

Hot tip… put Fridays in your diary and head to Triple One’s Instagram for some #freestylefridays