UNCO[V]ERED: Rosalía

“Tacones, lunares para matar, bájale
Los flecos, la trenza para matar, bájale
Eyeliner, leopardo para matar, bájale”

Come through Rosalía!

Rosalía is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actress and record producer, who has attracted the most diverse local and international fans such as Diplo, Charlie XCX, Gorillaz, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Emily Ratajkowski, Billie Eilish, and even the Kardashians.

She continues to cement her place as a verifiable global pop star with the release of her new song ‘Aute Cuture’. Depicting a confident young woman who has overcome heartbreak, and now projects her strength through a passion for fashion and personal style, the song was co-written and co-lyricised by Rosalía, with El Guincho and Spanish author Leticia Sala.

Rosalía, who is widely celebrated for her ground-breaking fusion of classic Flamenco with electronic beats and urban rhythm, releases the track alongside another characteristic high octane, eye popping video. The video tells the tale of the ‘Aute Cuture’ – a ‘mystic beauty gang’. The latex clad gang rolls into town in custom rides and reinvigorates everyone with their no-nonsense leader providing a dose of glamour and handclap ready bejeweled nails. Where do we sign up?

Bien de palmas, nail art y tarantino vibe. Disfrutadla y ojalá os haga bailar y reír como a mí,” says Rosalía (“Filled with claps, nail art, and a Tarantino vibe. Enjoy it and hopefully it’ll make you dance and laugh like it does me“)

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12noon, after the Spotify Countdown. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.