UNCO[V]ERED: Paces ft. Yorke

A new chapter has begun for UNCO[V]ERED artist Paces.  Experimenting with new styles and sonic palettes, the Byron Bay local teamed up with another Byron Bay local, Yorke, for brand new track ‘Vertigo’.

Yorke and I had been looking for the right project to work on together for a while. When she sent me an early demo of the Vertigo vocals I was so inspired. I sketched out the bulk of the song on a 1hr flight,” says Paces.

Triggered by Yorke’s unique vocal tik of hiccupping, the indie-pop newcomer always thought it would be interesting to build it into a song but couldn’t find the right producer to do so. “Every producer always jokingly tells me to sample it, “says Yorke, “so I thought I’d beat them to the punch and just mimicked myself doing it for the hook. I sent it to Paces and he pretty much finished the track on a plane ride home that day.”

Combining heaps of chopped up percussion, big basslines and bright pop vocals, Paces then recorded ‘Vertigo’ in a friend’s studio on the Gold Coast.

I think I came home with about 200 layers of vocals from that session and distilled them all down to the final version. The fun part of the vocals for me is how in some sections they’re super dense and then they snap back to just one layer. I was trying to play with the listener’s sense of intimacy, because when it strips down to the single layer of vocals it feels like you’ve been moved from a busy show to a room where Yorke is singing to you alone.”

Known to cloak his music in happiness and explosive colour it was only fitting that Paces would be keen for a video which oozed itself in bright colours and lots of energy.

About the video, Paces adds, “This was such a fun film clip to make. It was hilarious watching each other mime all these actions and just hoping that the animation would fill in the blanks. I’ve never had to play my sampler in a boat before but low-key I think I nailed the acting 😉 Also, shout out to the Jaen Collective – they have such great artistic vision, it’s always a pleasure working with them.”

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12noon, straight out of the Official [V] Top 50. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.