After dedicating the past five years to lending her prolific talents as a songwriter to an array of monumental artists, 2019 marked the beginning of a destined transition for the UNCO[V]ERED artist born Linnea Södahl (Nea).

With the release of “Some Say,” her debut single utilizing her nickname Nea, she is now beginning to establish herself as an artist more than capable of stepping out of the confines of the studio and into the spotlight directly. With a foundation rooted in crafting anthems that span the haunting depths and whimsical peaks of the contemporary pop-driven landscape, Nea’s introduction as a recording artist has not only been warmly welcomed by others, but also truly serves as a genuine reflection of what’s in her heart.

Nea‘s dedication to the arts and drive to elevate her means of self-expression has emerged as a consistent theme throughout her entire life, beginning with the varied sounds of 90s pop, jazz and Swedish traditionals filling her childhood home. With the encouragement of her musically-inclined parents, who relocated to Sweden from South Africa after she was born in order to combat the apartheid system of the time, Nea soon gravitated towards learning how to play piano and guitar. From penning her earliest songs when she was of a single-digit age to further honing her craft while working as a jazz singer at a local restaurant in Alingsås, Nea wisely allowed her passion for music discovery guide her artistic development, education and overall experiences in a steadfast, self-motivated fashion.

After immersing herself in learning everything she could about the music industry and exploring her talents as a devoted musician and songwriter, Nea’s hard work began to pay off in paramount ways when she first began collaborating with others. Now widely regarded as one of the Sweden’s most acclaimed songwriters, Nea’s credits include artists such as Zara Larsson, Tove Styrke and Tinie Tempah. Notably, her work as co-writer on Larsson‘s “Lush Life,” “Don’t Worry Bout Me” and “TG4M” has since culminated in the generation of over one billion streams.

Nea’s release of her debut single “Some Say” doubled as her first foray into stepping centre stage as an artist. The track, which illustrates themes of unrequited love, innate trust and optimal perseverance, has since garnered 70 million streams on Spotify alone, a number that is rising rapidly with each passing day. The infectious single has done much more than simply establish a new direction of focus for Nea; it is also inspiring her in ways she hasn’t before imagined, all while undeniably setting the tone for what she candidly refers to as an adventure sent from the universe.

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12pm, right after the Official [V] Top 50. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.