UNCO[V]ERED: Miiesha

From the small Aboriginal community of Woorabinda in Central Queensland comes 20 year old Miiesha with a voice ready to be heard.

A strong, proud Pitjantjatjara/Torres Strait Islander woman, Miiesha (Pronounced My-ee-sha) has been singing for her family and her community since the age of 8, and has since been developing her songwriting as a teenager. Now stepping onto a bigger stage, Miiesha is sharing her music with the world.

Inspired by the sounds of RnB, Gospel and Soul, and the power of spoken word poetry, Miiesha’s music seeks to bring people together to help educate and inspire. Gifted with a voice that showcases vulnerability and strength, often in the one breath, Miiesha sings of her people and her community with the words of a leader and a teacher.

Having supported the likes of Baker Boy, Briggs, Adrian Eagle and Thelma Plum as well as performing at Vanfest, Miiesha is using her voice and her message to bring her community to the world.

‘Twisting Words’ is a precursor to Miiesha’s forthcoming collection of songs, Nyaaringu, released on May 29. In much the same way as an artist exhibits a collection of works, Miiesha has assembled a collection of songs all tied to together through the common themes of her life, her community and her people.  Her Grandmother’s interludes provide a thread between the tracks, highlighting the passing down of knowledge from Elders through the generations.

Discussing her music, Miiesha explains;

I want to use my life experience to share stories that bring people together and help people understand my community. I make modern RnB/soul music designed to heal and educate myself and others – it’s in my nature to want to create things and music is the way I feel I can express myself. Music has always been a voice for me, I love writing and melodies and signing, and I really hope people connect with it. Nyaaringu is a collection of stories that I feel I wanted to tell or that I needed to speak on. For me it represents my journey and where I’m at now coming from Woorabinda. The interludes in the collection are recordings of my Grandmother speaking. For me she was and always will stay with me as the strongest voice in my life so I felt she had to be a part of this with me.

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Upcoming shows:

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UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12pm, right after the Official [V] Top 50. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.