UNCO[V]ERED: Mia Rodriguez

The holidays have finished, we’re back at our desks, and we thought it might be all doom and gloom… but… then we found Mia Rodriguez, and we knew she was a perfect fit for the first UNCO[V]ERED feature of 2020.

‘Emotion’ is the debut track from Sydney based Mia Rodriguez. Released on new Australian independent label City Pop Records it signals the transition for Mia from TikTok creator to recording artist.  That mission is to create the kind of quirky, dark pop that her generation has embraced via artists discovered across socials.

‘Emotion’ is produced by Peter Lundgren and Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Thundamentals, Jeffe) and shows off a melodic sensitivity and maturity that the 17-year-old newcomer has been quietly cultivating whilst working on and waiting for her moment.

Mia has posted over 500 videos to TikTok, growing her audience of over 2 million fans in just over one year. As her audience grew, she started sharing her love of singing by recording cover songs on YouTube for fans who wanted more than her TikTok offered. Mia has since caught the attention of the teams at Chugg Music and City Pop Records who signed her for management and recordings respectively.

“‘Emotion’ is my debut song, and it’s special to me because its allowed me to take a big leap into the next chapter of my life. The experience of stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, and singing in a studio are all put into this song.  I’m a very shy person but with this experience I’ve learnt to push through, overcome my fears and to fulfil my ambitions,” says Mia Rodriguez.

UNCO[V]ERED will premiere on Saturday at 12noon, straight out of the Official [V] Top 50. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.