UNCO[V]ERED: Marc E. Bassy

Show-stopping falsetto, confessional lyrics that read like late-night DMs and a timeless sense of charisma catalyzed Marc E. Bassy’s quiet rise from a Bay Area phenom into a pop R&B powerhouse. Meet your next UNCO[V]ERED artist…

The singer, songwriter and producer made waves with his critically acclaimed 2016 debut Groovy People EP. Among a tracklisting of hits such as “Morning” and “Dirty Water,” it vaulted “You & Me” [feat. G-Eazy] onto the Billboard Hot 100 and the track generated 260 million-plus Spotify streams. Now he returns with “Love Her Too”, including another feature from old mate G-Eazy. Hey, if G is into him, so are we.

Marc E. Bassy‘s forthcoming 2019 album, Postmodern Depression, addresses a feeling shared by many, but rarely communicated out loud—until now.

“Culture and the world are getting crazier and crazier,” he explains. “Postmodern Depression is the result of a lack of standards in society, in art, and pretty much everything. It comes from people living their lives glued to their cell phones and losing any and all connection to each other. It comes from not having CDs anymore or giving a shit about what you’re listening to. We listen to songs because of a 10-second clip that went viral and forget about them in a week. All of that is Postmodern Depression. My goal is to make music that cuts through.”

“I’ll always be an eclectic artist, but there’s one vibe and feeling I carried through Postmodern Depression. For the first time, I got to write everything in one six-month span. Everything feels like it’s on the same page and follows one thread.”

On Postmodern Depression, Bassy ultimately breaks through and makes a connection with his fans. “I want to show that it’s possible to make honest and big pop music that still has integrity,” he continues, “that’s my way to connect.”

It’s time to get on board and connect – “Love Her Too” will be featured on UNCO[V]ERED from Saturday at midday.