We love a success story, and we’re loving Mali-Koa, an Aussie who moved to London to pursue her dream. Her latest track ‘Sorry’ got us hooked, and we had to feature it in UNCO[V]ERED.

Born in Sydney, Mali later moved to London (we’ve noticed a little London accent creeping in), where she’s been working on her upcoming EP. Due toward the end of the year, tracks like ‘Honest’ and ‘Pretend’ have built a huge momentum for the release. Mali takes a vulnerable position when it comes to songwriting, meaning her passion and raw emotion are translated in every note.

“’Sorry is the story of when you’ve loved someone and hurt them, a romantic play of conscience and nostalgia. I also think the deeper truth of this song lies in its honesty and humility. Mistakes and apologies make us human, help us grow. It’s taken me 27 years to recognise the power and vulnerability in being and saying ‘Sorry’.”

With a killer Instagram following to test new tracks out on (538k and growing!), Mali is in a great position to grow globally, and has already been working far and wide. The start of this year saw her writing in Los Angeles, Stockholm, New York and Nashville with Grammy Award winning writers and producers. Huge!

While we wait for that EP to drop, we’ll keep watching ‘Sorry’.

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12noon, off the back of the Spotify Countdown. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.