For the first UNCO[V]ERED artist of 2019, it seems fitting to introduce you to JXN and his debut single Solitude.

It’s so crazy that I am finally getting to release my first song, after working so hard on it – it has been a process to get here to say the least but I have loved every minute of it“.

JXN (pronounced Jackson, duh) has released his debut single Solitude. JXN’s made a name for himself amassing more than a million followers across YouTube and Instagram but now the 25 year old is embarking on his most important venture yet, as one of Australia’s most promising new artists. Solitude is an impossibly accomplished introduction that defines who JXN is an artist.

Music sound tracked JXN‘s childhood as he grew up in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Eventually, he decided he needed to learn it for himself. At 13, JXN taught himself how to play guitar through YouTube tutorials; talk about skillz! At 17, he’d saved up enough money to buy himself a Maton guitar and later set up his own DIY home studio so that he could upload covers online. Before that, he’d been intent on a professional basketball career but was led to focus seriously on his music when a back injury forced him into a hiatus.

Solitude was created in Sweden with local writer and producer Johan Gustafson (Icona Pop, Girls Generation). Together, they’ve written something that’s raw and honest with JXN digging up past relationships and detailing that emotional rollercoaster of staying with someone even though you know it’s not quite right.

Pretty much everyone has been through what that song says,” JXN says. “It’s a bedroom song or a rainy day car song. Looking out the window with the rain, headphones on.

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday 12noon after the Spotify Countdown. Only on [V] on Foxtel.