[V] are proud to announce the inaugural UNCO[V]ERED artist is none other than GRAACE. You’ll be able to see her video for “Last Night” off the back of the Spotify Countdown (set your alarms for midday Saturday!), and we’re adding it to high rotation.

So, who is GRAACE? Her friends know her as Grace Pitts, and her musical journey began with classical piano at an early age. In her early teens she was gifted a guitar, microphone and amp by her father, and started out writing folk tunes before gravitating back to the piano and drifting to poppier climates.

Her big break came co-writing and featuring on ‘Numb’ with Hayden James, which quickly went platinum in Australia. And if you think her vocals are even more familiar, maybe you caught her on tour with Flight Facilities on their “The Return Flight” tour.

It’s GRAACE‘s upcoming debut EP, Self Sabotage, that we’re really excited about, though. She describes it as “very melancholic”, where she doesn’t shy away from life’s downsides, but rather embraces them and becomes stronger. You go girl!

You could so easily sugarcoat something, but there’s no point,” she says. “It’s not helping anyone. If there’s people in the same situation as me, I want them to be able to listen to the song and be like ‘Oh crap, she just admitted something, and maybe I should do the same thing’.”


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GRAACE’s unwavering commitment to honesty in her music has stemmed from her using songwriting to pull through at her lowest moments. Her father – her biggest champion – passed away when she was 14, and so every move she makes forward, it’s with the knowledge that he’s willing her along.

Unable to write music for about a year afterwards, songwriting slowly became GRAACE’s one vice, and the one thing that could pull her up and make her carry on. “When I wrote my first song after it had happened,” she reflects, “I wrote it and just thought ‘I think this is gonna be the thing that saves me, and actually brings me back to who I am’. And two years later, I was bubbly again, and who I know he’d want me to be. Which just felt amazing, and every time I play music I feel like that’s where he wants me to be.”

Of ‘Last Night’, the tune we’re spinning as we UNCO[V]ER her, GRAACE explains “‘Last Night’ came together while sitting at my piano one night, I realised I’d been writing about the same situation for years but with different people. I was managing to recreate the same scenarios in other relationships because I wasn’t fully in love with myself before committing to somebody else.

Wanna catch GRAACE live? She’s just announced an all ages show at Sydney’s MCA on the 7th of November. Even better, it’s a free event.

Self Sabotage is scheduled for release on October 26th.