Sydney based electro-pop trio, GLADES, have taken out the coveted UNCO[V]ERED spot for this week, with their track “Eyes Wide Shut”.

This bittersweet dance track showcases frontwoman Karina Wykes’ crystalline vocals, telling a story of realisation and self-respect. The video, which you’ll see in high rotation on [V], is the first official music video featuring the band, and was shot in LA and directed by Grey Ghost.

Of the track, Glades says, “Eyes Wide Shut is about coming to the realisation in a relationship that something needs to change, when you’ve been letting somebody take advantage of your love. It’s about having the courage and self -respect to see and call it what it is, when they are blindly comfortable.”

“Eyes Wide Shut” is confirmed as a track from Glades‘ upcoming debut album, To Love You. Recorded in LA, and due out on 2 November, the album “…’To Love You’ explores the idea that there’s more to love than pure romance. Not only romantic love; it explores different forms of love, such as loving the people around you, loving those who can’t express that they need love, as well as loving yourself. It maps the progression of a relationship from the first spark, to its complications, and resolves with the realisation that everyone needs love in all its different forms.”

If you’re vibing Glades as much as we are, you can catch them on tour in November. Check out their Facebook page for the details.