Have you noticed that Denmark is pumping out a lot of excellent pop stars? Well, meet your new fave, Ea Kaya. The Copenhagen-born songstress began releasing covers on YouTube when she was 15, before embarking on her solo career.

She’s making her mark on the pop landscape with her frank, outspoken lyrics that cover everything from sex, to love, to human nature. At only 23 years old, she is wise beyond her years! If you’re wondering where she finds her inspiration, she penned a beautiful love letter to Taylor Swift‘s Speak Now, saying:

“Thank you for keeping a weird 15-year-old company. When her friends were watching Mean Girls, talking about boys or having their first sip of Bacardi Breezer, she sat by her stereo. Stubborn of nature, she was determined to learn how to play your songs on her scrappy, white guitar. She hardly had any skills yet – she still doesn’t – but she did have a whole lot of will and curiosity.”
Read her full letter on MusicFeeds.

Our UNCO[V]ERED track for the week is her latest single ‘Don’t Complicate It’, a bittersweet anthem that explores the power of an unhealthy relationship. Strap yourself in to lose yourself in the lyrics, and be singing along to that addictive chorus.

It’s a re-release, of sorts, with Ea Kaya saying that it’s “new to most, familiar to the oldies”. She’s been holding this one close, waiting for the right moment to release (a few cheeky Instagram posts let us know she was only barely holding on), and now the time has come.

Ea Kaya‘s ‘Don’t Complicate It’ gets its Australian premiere on [V]‘s UNCO[V]ERED, 12 noon AEDT Saturday 20th October.

P.S. You pronounce it “Ee-ah Kai-ah”.