Mollymook natives CLEWS, now based in Sydney, have caught our eyes and ears this week on UNCO[V]ERED with the video for their latest single “Crushed”.

The track was was co-produced by Grammy Award Winning Nick DiDia (Pearl Jam, Black Keys, Rage Against The Machine) and Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals, The 1975, Nothing But Thieves), and maaaaaan doesn’t have that huge killer sound you’d expect?

‘Crushed’ is how you feel when everything overwhelms you, and the song is about salient moments that cut through the sensory overload,” said sisters Lily and Grace.

Keep reading for the full “Crushed” story from CLEWS.


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Our new song CRUSHED is out now. smarturl.it/CLEWS.Crushed

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“Crushed” – A Memoir

Crushed is a bit of a Frankenstein’s song. It actually started out with completely different chorus lyrics; describing the feeling of someone moving towards you with purpose and then walking right past.
As the song took shape the lyrics became less specific but a theme emerged, starting with a fall from grace and ending with a sense of purpose. It’s about feeling overwhelmed by the sensory overload that life can be. Like in a lot of my songs, I find myself talking about how I’ve been alone for a long time and that’s made me realise that nothing exists except what you choose to invest meaning in, whatever that might be. The last line of the chorus is a take on some (corny) advice my Dad gave me when I was a teenager; he said ‘fulfill your own promise’. Nice one, Dad.

We cut quite a few demos of this song to get closer to the momentum of something tambouriney like Smashing Pumpkins, but with walls of crunchy guitars like Oasis. Crushed is produced by Nick DiDia who is an absolute legend – literally and personally – and he came down to work with us in Sydney at Studios 301 for a week or so, which was amazing. For mixing we sent our label guys what we thought was a hypothetical list of dream-team names to work with. On it was Mike Crossey, a British producer whose work I have admired for years, so to have him actually mix the song was honestly a dream come true.

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