UNCO[V]ERED: Carla Wehbe

Sydney-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Carla Wehbe caught out eye at UNCO[V]ERED with her debut single, ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

As an artist, Carla Wehbe successfully merges current pop melodies with an edgy 80’s nostalgia, as showcased on her glowing debut ‘Don’t Tell Me’; a confident and catchy pop moment drenched in bold self-assurance.

‘Don’t Tell Me’ was inspired by a night out when, while looking for a friend in a bar, Carla was confronted by a man who asked, “Would it kill you to smile?”. The frustration of this comment whirred around in Carla’s head for days, intensifying and expanding as it did. “It was such a pointless and unhelpful thing to say,” Carla explains, “If I don’t feel like smiling I’m not going to for the sake of making someone else feel more comfortable.”

Upon meeting with co-writers Carl Ryden and Paul Harris, this line, ‘Would it kill you to smile?’, became the song’s first lyrical origin. Within 10 minutes in the studio, both the lyrical and production concepts were well and truly alive.

Lyrically, “Would it kill you to smile” had graduated. “Sometimes you don’t need people to tell you ‘oh you’ll be fine, everything’s going to work out’, you need to go through things yourself and learn from your own experiences,” Carla explains. From a production standpoint, the lyrics have been doused in 80’s synth melodies and driving drum beats.

‘Don’t Tell Me’ isn’t Carla’s first foray into the music scene, having joined Tyron Hapi and Roy Bing on the 2019 single ‘Touched’, which has clocked over 2.5 million streams.

‘Don’t Tell Me’ stands as a bold debut for a young pop artist with an edge.

UNCO[V]ERED premieres on Saturday at 12pm right after the Official [V] Top 50. Channel 801, only on Foxtel.