We’ve cast the UNCO[V]ERED net wide, and this week we’re bringing you ABIR. The New York based, Moroccan born, artist has delivered us a catchy pop tune in ‘Young & Rude’.

It’s got a great video to match, which you’ll see on air from Saturday midday. The video was directed by Shomi Patwary, known for Beyonce‘s ‘No Angel’ and A$AP Rocky‘s ‘Jukebox’, and really packs a punch. Honestly, we just want to jump in a convertible with the top down and hit the road.

On the music video ABIR says, “It’s part Bonnie & Clyde, but the male lead in the video was not actually an accomplice- he was held captive to my Young & Rude ways. I’m always here for a female empowerment moment! Shooting this video with Shomi was everything, he brought limitless passion and effort. The entire shoot was an epic whirlwind; especially driving the car with my three-day old license!”


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Just a bad girl with an attitude

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We’re totally vibing ABIR‘s strong vocals and even stronger personality, and the way she seems to slide effortlessly between genres.

“I used to say [my sound was] pop-soul, but it’s not so much pop-soul anymore. It’s just like…I don’t even know how to describe it myself. Just based on what people have said to me, they haven’t heard something like it. That’s why it’s hard for me to sit here and tell you what my sound is, because it doesn’t fit. I’m this Moroccan girl with these power vocals, and then I’m singing on these cool-ass, funky beats. Soulful funk? That’s probably the closest I can get to describing it right now. Maybe even alternative-pop? I think if you can avoid putting yourself in a box, the world is yours,” she told HYPEBAE.

ABIR‘s ‘Young & Rude’ is the first track released from her upcoming EP, slated for release on October 19.