The kid from the Bob Sinclar music videos is now a hot hockey player

The year is 2005. Schapelle Corby is on her way to the slammer, Wolf Creek has just instilled a fear of any and all bushland into you forever, The Logan twins just won Big Brother and embarked on illustrious and successful TV careers (hahahahaha) and a little upbeat dance track with a super catchy whistle chorus called 'Love Generation' is playing abso-fucking-lutely everywhere.

Bob Sinclar's 'Love Generation' was THE biggest hit of 2005 and stuck around in our airwaves for what seemed like forever, before soon being joined by follow up singles 'World, Hold On (Children of the Sky)' and 'Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)' to complete the 18 month or so Sinclar-ocricy of the mid-noughties.

In addition to their pervasive longevity, another thing the songs all had in common was the feature star of their music videos, a curly-haired blonde pre-teen who, depending on the song, explored the breadth of the USA by push-bike, fought off the end of the world in space and threw one hell of a house party, all of which generally resulted in him winning the affection of his school-girl crush. To anyone appropriately aged, he was the coolest motherfucker on television. Girls wanted him, boys wanted to be him, he was truly an icon of our age.

"Hey girl, I got my bike here if you need a lift… to your dreams"

Turns out the little dude's name is David Beaudoin but these days he goes by his full birth name of Charles-David Beaudoin, oh and yeah he's totally a hot Canadian hockey star now.

Yeah, I wasn't kidding.

The now 20-year- old Charles-David, or CDB as I've decided he likes to be called by close friends/lovers, is a French-Canadian from Drummondville in Quebec and plays for the Drummondville Voltigeurs, which is a word I'm not even gonna try say out loud.


CDB must be pretty good at the ol' ice hockey as he won something called the "Marcel Robert Trophy" which sounds super fancy, probably because of the word Marcel, which is French and French = classy.

Don't worry bout a thing. It'll be alright and you'll win trophies and shit

It appears Beaudoin (Bea-YOU-doin'?) has given up the acting world for hockey full-time, which is ok I guess because there's pics of him doing stuff like this:

Great reverse-sweep! Straight into the goalnets for six! (Yeah I don't know hockey)

He also chills on Twitter and Instagram fairly often and sometimes shares pics of his super cute dog which is pretty cool if you are a borderline stalker like I am at this point:

So here's to the one-time star of your mid-noughties music video countdown shows, Charles-David Beaudoin! We're all glad that you've found success in life (and are a total babe).

"Thx Mitch xoxo"

WOAH, I grow up to be hoooooooot