Northlane Are Teasing Something Big For This Friday

Northlane Are Teasing Something Big For This Friday

Who needs 221B Baker St when Reddit’s /metalcore forum is on the case.

Donning their detective hats over the past few days, the thread has dug deep into Northlane’s recent releases and pulled out some key titbits of information that have led many to believe we can expect new music from the band this Friday.

A hidden message on the European summer tour poster revealed the characters ‘13 07 2018’ as well as ‘VULTURES’ in a cryptic font above the tour dates.

Guitarist of the band Josh Smith took to the Reddit thread to comment on the speculations saying “I’ll give you guys a hint”.

“There’s no reissue. And you’re still missing a vital piece of the puzzle that we’ve put out into the world but you’ll have to think outside of the square and try a few things to figure it out and find it.”

This led one Redditor to Shazam the promotional tour video, revealing a new track called Vultures.

The band has since posted on Twitter praising “the smart cookies” on Reddit.

All will be revealed on Friday it seems, so keep an eye on with more to come.