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Ne-Yo defends Beyonce comments

Why you all be trippin’?

iTunes killed music biz: Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi does not heart Steve Jobs.

Sheen’s live shows sell out fast

Charlie’s got one speed – go!

Usher’s sex tape up for sale

Any celeb want to get busy without a camera rolling?

Gig review: Mark Ronson and the Business Intl

Mr Cool seduces Sydney with an electronic spectacle.

Wentz thankful for Sheen

Charlie takes the heat off Pete.

Grohl juggles work and family

Foo Fighters frontman has it all.

Gwen’s post-baby writer’s block

No Doubt singer lost for words.

Coldplay came close to brawls

Chris Martin not the boss of Coldplay.

Gaga puts paws up for Japan

Mother Monster does her bit for disaster victims.

J.Lo teams up with Lil Wayne

Rapper brings ‘unique and fresh’ sound to next single.

Boy & Bear add shows to tour

Tickets selling fast.

Foo Fighters record covers album

Grohl and the gang do their bit to save music retailers.

DJs join art legends at exhibition


Gig review: MGMT

Fans left wanting more.

The Riff: Ep 10

If life was a Twitter fight, inspiration vs plagiarism, Ke$ha literal clip.

A Day To Remember add show

Second and final Sydney show on sale.

Arctic Monkeys album details

Here’s the news Arctic Monkeys fans have been hanging for: the band will release Suck It and See on June 3.

Bieber causes near-riot in England

The fever is still rampant.

Ne-Yo regrets giving track to Beyonce

Are Beyonce’s vocals replaceable?