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Lily’s ring pic sparks marriage talk

Is Lily Allen showing off a diamond ring to mess with us?

BDO backs flood relief

BDO to give $20,000, Queensland show going ahead.

Fergie in sexy Dr Pepper ad

Fergie shows her Twin Peaks.

Art vs Science announce album details

Hotly anticipated debut The Experiment set for Feb.

Jane glams up for FHM

Behind the scenes of Jane Gazzo’s saucy magazine shoot.

Cave wants chaos with Iggy Pop at BDO

Rock legend threatens to reignite rock’n’roll mayhem.

Britney’s new track, plus Avril’s latest

Check out fresh music from Britney, Avril, Jessie J, Gyroscope and Jamiroquai.

Eminem mulls big screen return

Shady considering crime thriller role.

Courtney Love’s Twitter war

Singer’s account removed ahead of court battle.

Kylie rejected by Primal Scream

Pop star missed out on collaboration.

BDO mobile app is here

Download the app and you and a friend could go to Lollapalooza in Chicago!

The Final Blog: Peace Out.

Marty signs off from Miami.

New cover art

Britney and Kanye unleash their new cover art.

The JD Set

Check out the new videos from The JD Set.

Calls for Powderfinger flood concert

Getting the band back together?

High price for Miley bong

Fancy a bit of celebrity memorabilia?

Black is the new black

Kanye’s tweets set to music.

Video: Miami Beach

Checkin’ out the scene.

Final tribute

Paying homage to Hawaii with a song on the ukulele.