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Exclusive: Heroes For Hire clip premiere

Your first look at the ‘All Messed Up’ video.

Gaga rages over ‘manufactured’ claims

Mother Monster can make you cry without gimmicks.

A Day To Remember Q&A

Neil Westfall talks success and what fans can expect from ADTR’s Australian shows next month.

Grohl dreams Cobain is alive

Nirvana reforms in ‘weird’ dreams.

Wiz Khalifa given weed by fans

Pot-loving hip-hop star showered with wacky tobaccy.

Mike Posner’s collaboration wishlist

Would Paul Simon and Andre 3000 work with Posner?

Foo Fighters album like ‘diffusing a bomb’

Old school equipment took some getting used to.

The Wombats proudly present new album

London fans treated to new tracks.

Rihanna has secret siblings

Family secret is out.

Foo Fighters’ resentments laid bare

Chris and Dave admit insecurities.

Amy Meredith set sights on LA

Aussie band heading to US for second record.

Gaga releases ‘Judas’ early

Rad album cover art also revealed.

Grohl thinks Foo Fighters need secrets

Fooeys not destined for group therapy.

Hot new clips

Take a look at some of this week’s hottest videos.

Lady Gaga slams plastic surgery

Fake-faced singers ‘promoting insecurity’.

Wagons set for national tour

The boys will Rumble, Shake and Tumble from May 6.

Vents offers taste of new album

Aussie MC releases new single, readies album.

Adele likes Gaga and Katy’s boobs

But the British singer makes music ‘for ears not eyes’.