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Bieber trying to emulate Timberlake

Beebs to bring sexy back?

Avril just a normal kid

Former teen star grew up like everyone else.

Scherzinger hopes Dolls aren’t jealous

Pussycat Doll steps out on her own.

Ozzy Osbourne loves magic tea

Prince of darkness loves a cuppa.

Jack White never plans his career

Rock’n’roll renaissance man keeps it real.

The Holidays to tour Oz

Sydney buzz band set for shows around Oz.

Doves cancel tour

Playground Weekender loses headline act.

Adele wants unique sound

Singer tries to stand out from the pack.

MGMT, Mark Ronson pre-sales on now

Get in early for two of the year’s best shows.

Howling Bells enter The Killers’ studio

Aussie band hoping to channel some desert spirit.

Jesse James engaged to Kat Von D

Reckon he’s got a thing for tatts?

Baron Cohen to play Saddam Hussein

British comic to star in and co-write The Dictator.

Superstars line up for flood CD

Huge compilation to raise funds for Queensland.

New dimension of fun at BDO

Check out the stunts and recharge at the Big Day Out.

Lupe Fiasco sets lasers on BDO

Fans rescue hip-hop star’s album.

Ew! Ocotomum ‘regrets’ fetish video

Whipping man dressed as baby was bad idea. Who knew?

The secret of John Butler’s success

John Butler has revealed why his music is so popular.

New Gaga: First taste of new album

Listen to remix of Born This Way track.

Mos Def cancels tour

They’re dropping like flies.

Bruno Mars to tour Oz in April

R&B singer promises to party with fans.