EXCLUSIVE: The Delta Riggs Announce New Album & Premiere Track ‘Reality’

EXCLUSIVE: The Delta Riggs Announce New Album & Premiere Track ‘Reality’

The Delta Riggs have today shared the details of their forthcoming fourth album. 

Titled Modern Pressure, the album has been produced by the band themselves and is due for release on Friday 6 September.

“For us this record is an expression of our songwriting & growth as a band,” says frontman Elliott Hammond

“We feel Modern Pressure is a release that Riggs followers have always wanted. The essence of the album is both heartfelt and volatile. We pushed ourselves to the edge. We really hope you enjoy it.”

In addition to the album news, the group have today shared their brand new track Reality

“There are those of us that are hard headed realists,” shares guitarist Jesse Patinson. “The intellectual porcupines that derive strength from the way things are and nothing else. On the other side we have the dreamers, vague and jazzy in their thinking, who put their crystals out in the full moon to recharge. We need to not discount either of these roles. We need both of them and they needn’t be opposed.

“But when you get bogged, or ground down by the game of life, which role are you gonna play? Those porcupine quills can protect you, but they aren’t concerned with keeping you warm. 

Reality is a song for the dreamers about looking inward to create your own change and not getting caught up in the details.”

Check out Reality below and head here for more info and to pre-order Modern PressureThe Delta Riggs are performing at festivals throughout this year, head to theGuide for all the info.