EXCLUSIVE: On Tour With Harry Styles – Maddy Jane Tells All

EXCLUSIVE: On Tour With Harry Styles – Maddy Jane Tells All

Tassie’s Maddy Jane got a pretty big opportunity this year. After supporting the likes of Tash Sultana, Luca Brasi, Kingswood and Polish Club, Maddy got invited to join the one and only Harry Styles for his Aussie tour. 

She’s been kind enough to share an exclusive behind the scenes look at the tour with The Music, check it out below.



“The Forum was the most beautiful theatre I’ve seen! My mum and little bro came to the show, got to meet Harry and I’m constantly blown away by the support from everyone involved in the shows.”


“We started playing the second last song of the set — a bit of an angry ballad — a few bars in, I noticed a few lights begin to appear. By halfway through the song, the room was full of this sea of lights and I’ve never seen anything like it. Me and my band mates were all stunned. I am so grateful to New Zealand and Harry Styles for the warm welcome to their world and for such a response! The most amazing moment of my life. So overwhelmed.”

Touring with Harry Styles

“Harry is such a warm human. As soon as we arrived at the first show in Sydney, he came straight up after sound check and greeted us all, went above and beyond to make sure we were all good and wish us well before every show.

“He watched our first sound check, even got caught side of stage by fans during our set having a watch! That’s pretty rare for such a huge name. An amazing show and bunch of musicians to play alongside who were all so into what we were doing too. I’m so thankful to him, his band, his team and his fans who are all just so lovely and caring. I don’t talk lightly when I say how much I respect I have for what Harry is doing and for him.”