Watch Illy's watery demise in new vid for 'Tightrope'

ARIA Award-winning Aussie hip-hop studmuffin and noted soccer-tweethusiast debuted the new music video for single 'Tightrope' last night, the latest off his acclaimed fourth album, 2013's Cinematic.

If you were expecting to see our boy Illy in a nice pair of circus tights, traversing some IRL tightropes, well you're a bit literal-minded and maybe should broaden your creativity a tad, as the video shows Al heading off for a casual paddle around a lake in a rowboat, before being attacked by Lara Croft-esque vocalist Kristina "Stop the Boats" Miltiadouwith a freaking sniper rifle, sending him to a watery grave. Poor Al, that water looks mighty ch-Illy. *raises arms in triumph*

Apparently rapping and rowing isn't the easiest of tasks, despite the alliteration inferring it is, with Illy posting on his Facebook page the other day: "Much harder than it sounds I promise!" Another thing we learnt? Chicks with sniper rifles: hot as shit. Also thanks to YouTube commenter "Shady tribe":"If you watch the video backwards Illy is actually Jesus and creates a boat from water." LOLZ.

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