The Living End launch new album

It took 3 songs for the suit jackets to come off as The Living End launched their new album The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating on Tuesday night.

Throwing a free show for fans in Sydney's Cell Block Theatre, and to thousands more via a live YouTube stream, the rock 3-piece wasted no time getting hot under the collar.

"The idea was to get up here and showcase the new record and shift some units man," singer Chris Cheney half joked.

"And shift some sweat as well."

Opening with the album's first 3 songs - 'In The Morning', 'Heatwave' and 'Machine Gun' - The Living End quickly reaffirmed their reputation as razor sharp performers.

After 17 years and 6 albums and following the demise of Powderfinger and Silverchair, the trio now find themselves occupying the position as Australia's most distinguished rock act.

They look and sound ready, with an album already tipped as a potential career definer, the twisting riffs of 'Heatwave' and the guitar licks of 'Machine Gun' showing diversity to their palate.

The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating has been 18 months in the making.

Cheney decamped to New York at the beginning of last year where he worked with Craig Finn, the singer of Brookyln band The Hold Steady, on the title track.

Returning to Melbourne The Living End rehearsed between 30 and 40 songs before performing under the name The Safety Matches to road test new material.

Atlanta producer Nick Didia (Powderfinger) was drafted to tighten the sound further with Cheney insistent on songs being crafted simpler yet tougher.

The Living End's next single 'Song For The Lonely' is the most dynamic departure from the band's traditional sound, while 'Away From The City' is a good example of their more direct approach.

But nothing veers too psychedelically away from the band's trademark sound.

During the set there was still time for favourites like 'Moment In The Sun' and 'White Noise', the ARIA-Award winning single from 2009, new and older material fitting well together.

An encouraging sight for the band was fans chanting the melody to the song The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating after just a few drum beats, the lead single already a classic in their eyes.


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